6 x 2 min | cameo | ROSE stories​​​​​​​

Four women, from three generations, cook a family meal together that reminds them of their Indonesian heritage and the painful but special memories of grandma Anneke.

Nadia Zerouali honors her mother and grandmother with two dishes very close to her heart: homemade bread and Moroccan tajine. 

Lotte Lechanteur cooks one of the first meals she learned to make when she became a vegetarian, what created a special band between her and her mother. 

Mother to be Husne Afsar cooks the Turkish kofte her own mother used to make when she was a kid, along with her mothers special tomato soup that always puts a smile on her face. ​​​​​​​

In her very own cafe in Amsterdam Judith de Vries cooks one of her favorite dishes: a creamy coconut and lime soup, perfect for a summer day to enjoy on her terrace. 

In an Asian toko in Amsterdam three women cook together the dishes very close to their hearts that remind them of their childhood. - camera by Rick Brussee

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